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Become a District Approved Chaperone/Volunteer




Step 1 – Go to Hart Obtain Request for Live Scan Service Form

Step 2 – Go to Fingerprinting agency w/filled out paperwork

Step 2 – Get Doctor signature on TB form

Step 4 – Finish below paperwork and online courses

Step 5 – Return to Hart Office with completed Volunteer Application Packet

Volunteer Application Packet:

1.    Request for Live Scan Service Form

·     Go to Hart Front office and request the form (this is a numbered doc so it has to come from Hart)

·     Fill out & Take to the fingerprinting agency (walks-ins only)

o  28130 Ave. Crocker #306, Valencia, CA 91355

·     Pay the necessary fees ($70) and obtain a receipt of service

·     Note: The fingerprinting agency will not perform the live scan without the Request for Live Scan Service form.

·     Hold on to Form and Receipt for completed packet

2.    Fingerprint Request Form W/ Volunteer Applicant Waiver

·     Forms must be filled out completely

·     Print and sign

·     Admin. Signature will be obtained once full volunteer application is complete

o  Hold on to Form for completed packet


3.    Medical Authorization/Emergency Contact Form

·     Print and fill out

o  Hold on to Form for completed packet


4.    TB Test Result Form

·     Take this to a physician for signature

o  Hold on to Form for completed packet


5.    Training request Form // Certificate of completion / online courses

·     Email Adriana De Fazio ( to obtain a login

·     Once login code is issued, head to

·     Click on any of the “Training ”

·     You will be directed to the Keenan Safe Schools site.

·     Log in using the information provided to you

o  If you are unable to log in, please contact Angelica Mendez at or call (661) 259-0033 ext. 410 for assistance.

·     On the Home page, you will see the required courses

o  Sexual Harassment Prevention, Mandated

o  Reporters: Child Abuse and Neglect

o  Workplace Bullying: Awareness and Prevention

o  Title IX, Cyber Security Awareness and Severe Bleed

·     Once you have completed the online testing you will be prompted to print a copy of the Course Completed Certificate

o  Hold on to Form for completed packet

6.    Bring the complete Volunteer Application Packet with all the forms mentioned above to Hart Admin Office (Currently Adriana De Fazio is our contact).

  Live Scan receipt of service

  Fingerprint Request Form / Volunteer Applicant Waiver

  Medical Authorization/Emergency Contact

  TB Test Result

  Course Completed Certificate

7.    Once packet has been turned in, you’ll need to send a headshot in JPEG format to Rachel Varon at the district office for an ID badge. ID badges MUST be worn at all times while on campus and when working with students.

o  When the clearance process has been completed, the school will receive notification.

o  It can take up to 90 days for a volunteer clearance to be received and groups should plan accordingly.

o  Volunteers MUST NOT work with or transport students until cleared by the District.

o  Only after the school has received notification, that a volunteer has been cleared and the volunteer’s badge has been issued, may the volunteer participate in any District or school program.


❖ Fingerprinting is NOT required for Category 1 Volunteers. Category 1 Volunteers are single event or short-term volunteers who do not supervise students without a certificated employee present. Examples of category 1 Volunteer duties are: helping with student registration, newsletter, PAC luncheons, one day field trip under the direct supervision of a certificated employee, and promotion/graduation activities.

❖ A Category 2 Volunteer is any volunteer, chaperone, volunteer driver, unpaid coach/advisor or a District/ASB/Booster paid Coach/Advisor.


Note: All of the above links are to documents I’ve stored on Booster Hub. This link here is to Hart District) FORMS -

Please notify Cynthia Monjoy ( when you’re officially cleared!

Thank you, Hart How Choir Boosters

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