Hart Show Choir

Sound Vibrations

Sound Vibrations (Sound Vibes) is our advanced mixed show choir. Sound Vibrations performers receive a rich experience that includes in-depth vocal training, custom music arrangements with a live band, professional choreography, personalized professional costumes, complex sets and props, professional lighting design, and tech support services.

Sound Vibes dedicate two class periods and additional after school rehearsals to learn, practice, and perfect performances and competition sets. These talented and hard-working students perform in multiple shows throughout the school year including Hart on Broadway, Holiday House, Pop Show, and Spring Concert. During early winter and spring competition season, Sound Vibes travel throughout Southern California competing at high levels. A yearly educational and performance trip to locations like Oahu, New York, London, Chicago, Nashville, punctuates this amazing experience. 

Auditions are required to join this sensational advanced mixed show choir.  

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